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1000 lightworkers in Sweden did crucial and powerful work together for the planet

As the awakening continues on our planet, the Scandinavians still have not woken up in the masses. And especially not in Sweden. Last week Zoë Devi, a spiritual guide in self empowerment and the ascension got contacted and informed about a few things regarding why it is so hard for the people of Sweden toContinue reading “1000 lightworkers in Sweden did crucial and powerful work together for the planet”

Moving into a quantum world

On our ascension journey we continuously expand our conciousness. And as we do so we recognize that there are infinite perspectives on things and situations that we once thought had only one or a few. This is a way of recognizing the quantum field. Suddenly you realize that there ´s more than one answer toContinue reading “Moving into a quantum world”

Ta Reiki healing till hjälp

Visste du att Reiki lindrar smärta och löser upp spänningar, både fysiskt och mentalt, sänker stress och ökar välbefinnandet? Men, kan inte ersätta konventionell cancervård, kirurgi eller psykiatrisk vård. Däremot kan Reiki utgöra ett värdefullt komplement till dessa, såsom i exempelvis USA, Storbritannien och Frankrike.  Insomningsproblem, hjärna på högvarv, ischias, muskelvärk, mentala och fysiska spänningar;Continue reading “Ta Reiki healing till hjälp”

What are you grateful for today?

The highest vibrating feelings in the universe are unconditional love and gratefulness. Practising being grateful is useful in many ways, not only when it comes to raising your vibration. Realising what you have to be grateful for will also remind you of the things in your life that you have started to take for granted.Continue reading “What are you grateful for today?”

The ascension journey became my purpose

Golden Vibes is created by me, Karin Mehler. My ascension journey has during the last year become a very central part of my life, after ”waking up” from the 3D Matrix and understanding why we are REALLY here. To shift into a higher conciousness. I have been working with personal development for several years, asContinue reading “The ascension journey became my purpose”