Ascension symptoms anyone?

The last couple of days has been really intense for me when it comes to feeling the ”ascension symptoms”. Apparently the higher energies around us is accelerating and according to Lucy Davis and Lorie Ladd, we are right now moving through a big shift in the collective conciousness. For me this has manifested through someContinue reading “Ascension symptoms anyone?”

What are you grateful for today?

The highest vibrating feelings in the universe are unconditional love and gratefulness. Practising being grateful is useful in many ways, not only when it comes to raising your vibration. Realising what you have to be grateful for will also remind you of the things in your life that you have started to take for granted.Continue reading “What are you grateful for today?”

Jorden höjer sin frekvens- hur påverkar det oss?

Inte fick vi lära oss i skolan om att vi alla vibrerar på olika frekvenser? Tänkte väl det. Så därför ska vi idag prata om frekvenser och hur du kan höja din egen frekvensnivå, i syfte att må bättre. För, ju högre frekvens du vibrerar, desto bättre mår du. Om du följer någon alternativ media,Continue reading “Jorden höjer sin frekvens- hur påverkar det oss?”

Ta Reiki healing till hjälp

Visste du att Reiki lindrar smärta och löser upp spänningar, både fysiskt och mentalt, sänker stress och ökar välbefinnandet? Men, kan inte ersätta konventionell cancervård, kirurgi eller psykiatrisk vård. Däremot kan Reiki utgöra ett värdefullt komplement till dessa, såsom i exempelvis USA, Storbritannien och Frankrike.  Insomningsproblem, hjärna på högvarv, ischias, muskelvärk, mentala och fysiska spänningar;Continue reading “Ta Reiki healing till hjälp”

Ge immunförsvaret vad det behöver!

Det har väl inte undgått någon att det är viktigt att ta hand om sitt immunförsvar i år? Hela det här året har varit upp och ner och hit och dit. För att inte tala om all information som bokstavligen kastats över oss om hur vi ska förhålla oss och vad vi ska tänka ochContinue reading “Ge immunförsvaret vad det behöver!”

The best ways to boost your immune system!

Never before has the immune system discussion been this intense as it has been during the last year. Every way you turn there has been an expert for and another against taking supplements for your immune system. For those of you that have been going through the awakening from the 3D Matrix, you all knowContinue reading “The best ways to boost your immune system!”

How do you handle your loved ones awakening process?

Yesterday I took a walk in the woods and started thinking about what kind of approach I should have to my friends and family as we are getting closer to the ”great awakening”. You have probably also felt worried about your loved ones and how you can support them during their awakening, when all ofContinue reading “How do you handle your loved ones awakening process?”

Moving into a quantum world

On our ascension journey we continuously expand our conciousness. And as we do so we recognize that there are infinite perspectives on things and situations that we once thought had only one or a few. This is a way of recognizing the quantum field. Suddenly you realize that there ´s more than one answer toContinue reading “Moving into a quantum world”

Become an affiliate and earn money on your blog!

Do you have a blog or do you think about starting one?Maybe you are interested in becoming an affiliate to some companies that resonate with you and your business and also start earning money for it? In that case I would like to introduce you to the affiliate network- Adrecord. In this network there areContinue reading “Become an affiliate and earn money on your blog!”

Activate your bodys self healing system through Reiki

What is reiki? Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that the life force energy flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s life force energy is low, then weContinue reading “Activate your bodys self healing system through Reiki”