The ascension journey became my purpose

Golden Vibes is created by me, Karin Mehler. My ascension journey has during the last year become a very central part of my life, after ”waking up” from the 3D Matrix and understanding why we are REALLY here. To shift into a higher conciousness. I have been working with personal development for several years, asContinue reading “The ascension journey became my purpose”

Onlinekurs i Stresshantering

Känner du att ditt liv skulle behöva några hälsosamma förändringar? Är du stressad och vet inte hur hur du ska hantera det? Då har vi ett förslag till dig: kicka igång med en kurs i stresshantering! Varför inte gå ett steg till och fördjupa dig lite extra i ämnet?  Denna nylanserade kurs innehåller bland annat: – VadContinue reading “Onlinekurs i Stresshantering”

What if there was a world leader…

…who put the people first?…who acted to bring down the worlds corruption?…who put a stop for illegal immigration?…who worked together with other nations to bring down the massive drug business? …who saved millions of women, men and children from being trafficked?…who put pressure on the medical companies to drive down the medicin costs?…who put anContinue reading “What if there was a world leader…”

Welcome to Golden Vibes!

During the last year I have been on an most awesome journey. Sometimes scary, other times really exiting. I learned so much about myself and about my surroundings and not to mention the planet! What I have expirienced is the start of the awakening journey. The understanding of the ascension that our planet is goingContinue reading “Welcome to Golden Vibes!”