Lightworker, Coach, Golden Vibes creator
Lightworker, Coach, Golden Vibes creator

”The Ascension journey became my purpose”

Golden Vibes is created by me, Karin Mehler. My ascension journey has during the last year become a very central part of my life, after ”waking up” from the 3D Matrix and understanding why we are REALLY here. To shift into a higher states of conciousness.

I have been working with personal development for several years, as a certified coach, educator and stress & wellness therapist. I also have a background as an event manager.

Golden Vibes is my place where I am able to combine all my skills into one. Here you will find personal development courses (for the time in Swedish only), blogposts with tips and guidance along your ascension journey, the possibility to book Reiki healing sessions and shop our design products!

Let´ s do this amazing transformation together!

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